To celebrate The Independence Day, a championship held at community centre, G-9/2, Islamabad. More than 100 young ninja players from 12 branches of F.S.Ninja Academy participated in this fantastic event. The event included individual fights, team fights, single nun-chuck, double nun-chuck, stick, gymnastics, boxing, judo and pankration. There were a large demonstration. Chief Instructor Mr. Irfan Bhatti prsented the welcoming address. He advised the youngsters to promote patriotism and national prides. He told that Pakistan is our identity and last shelter. We must work hard to make our nation strong in all the area. He also thanked Mr. Aamir Wazir of C.P.E (Center for Professional Education Islamabad) for contributing and offering financial and moral support, which brought to successful ninja championship. After Mr. Bhatti’s speech, a beautiful demonstration of ninja, boxing, judo and pankration were presented. Finally the team event held which Mongolian Tiger Islamabad won by beating Desert Wipers Rawalpindi, 7-4. Team winning trophy was Faheema (Girls Category) and Riasat Mehmood (Adult category) were given best Ninjas of the year awrd. Other winners are Rozee Khan (-30 kg), Hamza(36-40 kg, Talha Shabbir (41-45 kg), Sajjad Abbasi (46-50 kg), Riasat Mehmood (51-55 kg), Ubaid Ullah (56-60 kg), Saqlain (61-65 kg), Waseem (66-70 kg), Shahed, Imran Akhtar ( 71-75 kg). In Single Nun-chuck winners are Nizam ud din (-55 kg), Fawaz Saleem (+55 dg). In Gymnastics, Usman (-55 kg) and Ubaid Ullah (+55 kg) won. Ubaid Ullah won the stick competition. Boxing Demonstration fights held between Mazhar Iqbal and Zubair, while in Middle weight category, amin and Farhan. Mr. Dawood Namini was the central referee for Boxing Fights. At the end Chief Instructor Mr. Irfan Bhatti Presented souvenirs to honorable guests, instructors, referees, Judges and the senior Ninja Players.