Well when people start learning nunchucks they are usually confused about what type of nunchucks should they buy for the training.

There are various types of nunchucks available out there. Wooden (again having diversity) metallic , steel, foam padded, and so on.

Ok so now we come to recommendation. The recommended nunchucku for begining nunchucks training are the wooden nunchucks.

People ask me about the Ninja Nunchucks! well, first of all a Ninja uses any object as a weapon, and secondly, it depends on where he wants to use it and for what purpose!

So for all those beginners out there, who recently started taking classes and now need a nunchuck, go for a wooden one.

Benefits of a Wooden nunchuck:

Wooden nunchucks give you good swings, making it easy for you to learn the technique and the flow

wooden nunchucks make your wrist strong and more adapted to the movement

wooden nunchucks practiced person can perform faster with lighter weight nunchucks once trained.