F.s Ninja academy is celebrating 25 years of excellence and passion.  A journey of hard work , determination , enthusiasm , consistence of Chief instructor  Irfan Bhatti and team with blessing of Grand Master Sir Farhat Abbas Shah .


we conducted 4 different events in a row

Musical Night ……. Oct, 13 2015
Silver Jubelee Hike ……. Nov, 1st 2015
Ninja Championship …… Nov, 22 2015
Jungle Camping ……. Dec, 25 2015
we successfully conducted Musical Night and Silver jubilee Hike under the supervision of our Chairmen Sir Irfan Bhatti and team.
Our upcoming Events:
Silver Jubilee Championship 2015 
Cheif Guest:
Sir Farhat Abbas Shah
Competition Event include:
– Fights (unarmed / kick boxing)
– Gymnastic
– Weapons – (single nunchucku, double nunchucku, stick)
– Live Ninja Demonstration 
Rest of the event details are available on Pak Ninjas and F.S Ninja Academy Islamabad, Pakistan facebook pages and groups.
Silver Jubilee Camping 2015
 Coming soon … !!

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