F.S.Ninja Academy has started its training in early 90’s at Rawalpindi and Islamabad by Chief Instructor Mr.Irfan Bhatti having a vast experience and knowledge of martial arts. He is the senior student of grand master Farhat Abbas Shah. He admired his teacher so much that he named his academy (f.s) after his great teacher’s name.

The academy has branches in various cities of Pakistan with its head quarter in Islamabad managed by Mr Irfan Bhatti himself.

Members of F.S Ninja Academy are trained in the art of Ninjutsu. Ring fight is just one part of the training done in our dojos. Out door training including jungle training camps, trekking and rock climbing, recreational activities etc. are integral part of the training at F.S Ninja Academy.

Our Branches

F.S Ninja Academy has many branches running all across Pakistan. All the branches are run by the direct students of Sir Irfan Bhatti and under his supervision. The level of training and discipline is kept up to the standards in all the branches.

You can check the list of our branches to see the nearest and best one for you.