You might have heard ninja can do this, ninja can do that, bla bla bla bla bla! let’s see what a ninja is not supposed to do!

Well originally I came with the idea to make a post about what a ninja can’t do, but I decided to express my views about what a ninjutsu practitioner shouldn’t do first!

1. Ninja shouldn’t advertise himself

Ever seen those guys with “Ninja” written on their bikes or cars? or even shirts or caps? Yeah! this one is for them. A ninja is not supposed to publicize himself as a ninja. Ninja means silent/mysterious man/tear (or similar) What type of silence is this when you can’t even control your desire of being famous so much?

It’s just like, a guy of secret services or some agency writes on his car that he works for that agency? or wears a tshirt saying he is in intelligence? wtf!

Anything on you at anytime (outside your practice/mission area) which says somehow that you’re a ninja or know some art, then you’ve just conquered your body only, the art is more than that, involves mind and soul.

2. Try to prove himself

There’s only one person who you should try to prove something to, and that’s you! yourself. You might have seen people who try to show their moves, and all stuff to prove the people around him that yeah man! I have learnt some thing! see! I can do this, that, bla bla bla!

While in a fight too, just do what you need to do and finish the fight, move away, over!

3. Fight unnecessarily

What’s the point in kicking someone who just slapped you (only) because you bumped into his car. I’m serious! is your art’s worth is just for the street fights? to slap, punch, kick the opponents from your neighborhood? If what you’ve learnt is how to kick someone and win a fight with someone who’s not a harm to you in anyway, then you just wasted your time . . .

Fight only when you are required. Ever heard, shoot to kill? yeah! so fight to achieve what you need. If you need to break someones bone, break it, and go away. If you need to kill someone, go silently, kill him, and move out. That’s it!

4. Compares with others

Ok guys, tell me this, is hiking better or rock climbing? Is A better or B ? Is number 5 better or 10?

What? these are stupid questions! right? exactly. When someone asks, is kungfu better or ninjutsu? is taekwondo better or ninjutsu? is judo better or ninja? man! what you want? don’t compare! when someone asks you this question, ask him what his requirements are and suggest accordingly! simple! Every sport and art has it’s own philosophy and charm. It’s own rhythm and reasons to learn.

Seriously, if you feel like comparing ninjutsu to other arts, then you better learn them first, and their uses, then compare.

5. Think he’s a master

Ever heard: “when a person starts thinking he knows everything, thats where his downfall begins” exactly !!!

When a person thinks he’s the master, he’s infact going for a downfall in a moment. Always move ahead, learn more, learn unique.

This might not be a complete list of NO’s for a shinobi, but they give you a good idea of some basics though!