11th annual jungle adventure camp was held in the last week of december by F.S Ninja Academy Pakistan. It was named “Adventurers 11“. The camp was held in colaboration with Potohar adventures club and sponsored by Sports for peace(NGO).

The 11th annual jungle adventure camping (2008)

Organized by

F.S. Ninja Academy

In collaboration with

Potohar adventures club

Sponsored by

Sports for Peace

(A non-government Organization)

Team of instructors

I am proud of my fellow instructors for there dedication, hard work, commitment and moral support.Special thanks is given to the management of Sports for Peace

  • Mr. Tahir shah (ATS centre Simli, Islamabad)
  • Mr. Khalid Warriech (St.Marry’s academy lalazar Rawilpindi)
  • Mr. Naveed Bhatti (G-9 Islamabad)
  • Mr. Mazhar Iqbal (F-11 Islamabad)
  • Mr. Imran Akhtar (Dhamyal Rawalpindi)
  • Mr. Irfan Akhtar (Dhamyal Rawalpindi)
  • Mr. Zeeshan (Potohar Adventures club)
  • Mr. Obaid (Community centre G-9\2)
  • Mr. Riasat Mehmood (Rawalpindi)
  • Mr Shahrukh (Nowshera)
  • Mr. Ghulam Subhani (Islamabad)

Chief Instructor

Irfan Mahmood Bhatti.

[email protected]

PH: Office 051-2529788

Mob: 0300-9743801

Adventurers -11

“There are some lessons that are best learnt at great Outdoors.” Since 1991 F S Ninja Academy is providing an excellent opportunity to its members for those lessons. There are annual Jungle Adventure Trips. The very first trip was held in December 1991. Since then this activity has become an integral part of our training. The youngsters that have participated in such Camping are proved to develop self confidence, discipline, patience and tolerance.

An adventurer 11 is the eleventh of such activities. The Camping was held for five days (25-30 December, 2008) at the camp site “Camp Farhat” (named after The Great Ninja Master Mr. Farhat Abbas Shah) in Ramiyal village near Mandra. Previously onl+++++y members of FS Ninja Academy were allowed for the Camping’s but this year in a meeting chaired by the Chief Instructor Mr. Irfan Bhatti it was decided that all interested people even from outside the fold of FS Ninja Clubs would be allowed for this adventurous activity. Pothohar Adventure Club, a thriller wing of F S Ninja Academy, was established and made responsible for all exciting activities such as hiking, tracking, rock climbing, swimming and camping etc. Mr. Zeeshan was unanimously elected the president of this club. The success of our Adventurers 11Camping was the result of his combine efforts with Mr. Bhatti.

About 60 youngsters aged between 7-40 years have participated in this camping.


On the very first day the Adventurers were taught how to fix shelters, tents, find out the availability of water resources etc. They were given the opportunity of surveying the whole location. The main camping activities started on 26Th December 2008.

Physical Fitness

Every morning the adventurers did running for 30 minutes on naturally built beautiful tracks. There was a comparatively smaller track for children on which they did their regular running during camping. Running track for adults was longer and tougher than children’s. After running everyone had to do exercises for another 30 minutes.

Self-defense Classes

There were two classes of self-defense every day with the duration of two hours each. In these classes the youngsters were told about the types of physical assault (armed and unarmed) and how to counter them. They were taught the possibilities of escaping the armed assaults and techniques of creating Safe Gaps and moving away from the Target Line. They were told how to use these techniques by both moving closer to the opponent and responding more efficiently or by running away and escaping in nearest safe place. These techniques include defense against gun, pistol, stick and knife. (The youngsters were advised to use these techniques only when there is no option left with them to escape the armed assaults.)

The unarmed assaults include:

  1. Strikes (kicks, punches, elbow and knee shots etc.)
  2. Grabbling (all kinds of away from the body and body to body locks)


The camp site is situated in a small jungle near Ramiyal village. This jungle is the property of Mr. Bhatti and his family. There is plenty of wild life with possibilities of hunting. Different groups were formed (Branch wise) for hunting wild rabbits, doves, swans and quails but only one group (G/9 Branch) succeeded to hunt a big swan.

Obstacle Crossing:

Rope Climbing

The adventurers were taught Rope Climbing and Rope Crossing (Crossing a ditch on an ordinary single rope)


Mr. Abdul Malik and Mr. Zeeshan (from Alpine Club) visited the campsite and taught the adventurers rappelling with professional equipments.


The adventurers were taught about archery, its history and techniques. They practiced archery with hand-made Bows and Arrows all prepared by Pothohar Adventure Club.

Star Throwing

Star-throwing was another exciting activity for all especially children. They learnt how to throw sharp-edged stars on Target.

Treasure Hunting

All groups were given the task of finding a Treasure with the help of some tips. F-11 branch and St. Mary’s branch both found the treasure and were given equal marks in the end.


At the end of Camping competitions were held among all branches in all sports taught during camp period. It was a great sight and some of the parents of participants and local people had gathered to form the audience watching the thrilling amusements. The competition was especially tough between G-9 branch and St. Mary’s school. G-9 branch won on points.

Moral Training

All the youngsters were advised to perform prayers five times a day. Every morning after Fajar prayer everyone used to recite at least 1 surah of the Holly Quran. Religious and Moral lectures held, Mr. Asgher (a religious scholar) delivered a lecture about the importance of physical and recreational activities. There also held group discussions and other activities.


After day long physical activities, the youngsters were provided with a lot of funs at night. There held singing competitions, telling joked, GOLDEN NIGHT, Bonn fire and other funs. Two best participants (Mr. Qasim from Nowshera and Mr. Adeel from Chakwal) are awarded the title of the camp THE ADVENTURERS for the year of 2009.

Accommodation , water resources & Food

All of such services are provided voluntarily, without gaining any monitory benefits. F.S ninja academy organize this activity as a non-commercial service so we charge very small amount for food, shelter, training and even pick and drop service.

We have our own tents with the capacity of seventy (70) people. A well has been digged out at the camp site. The water is pure and sweet. Services of a cook (chacah Aslam) were hired.

The menu for breakfast was buns, Bread, Halva Pori and boiled eggs. While in lunch we had dal mash, chicken curry, mixed vegetable with roti.

Chana pulow, vegetable pulow, chicken pulow and beef pulow served as dinner.


Under the umbrella of F.S Ninja academy, we try to provide maximum facilities at the giving location and resources. There were services of a doctor were available with necessary medicines at the camp. We faced two major problems at the camp:


Water in morning was frozen and very cold.

There was a temporary toilet facility but it was not enough for that much people. So probably in next camping we will be having permanent toilets. And some arrangements for warm water in morning


Parents use to visit the site every day and they enjoyed the location. They made real good comments and showed their satisfaction on the quality of training. They even promised for their co-operation for the next camping.