F.S Ninja Academy conducted Belts tests under the supervision of Black Belt Ubaid Ullah who is Incharge of Belt Promotion Tests.

pakistan ninjas belt promotion test

3 students successfully qualified for brown belt (their test was taken in morning), 2 student for orange belt and one for yellow belt

Following are the students who appeared in belt promotion tests

  • Saqlain Shah (From Blue to Brown Belt)
  • Zafran (From Blue to Brown Belt)
  • Mairag Khan (From Blue to Brown Belt)
  • Abdul Mateen Arif (From Yellow to Orange Belt)
  • Anayatullah (From Yellow to Orange Belt)
  • Shahzaib Aslam (From White to Yellow Belt)

The videos and photos of the test will be uploaded here too, till that time they can be viewed on Pak Ninjas and F.S Ninja Academy Islamabad, Pakistan facebook pages and groups.

The students performed brilliantly in their belt test and made the academy proud.