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  • Jungle Adventure Trip

    “There are some lessons that are best learnt at the great out doors”. F.s. Ninja academy, provides the Youth with the excellent opportunity to be learnt by Nature. It helds […]

  • Pankration Athlema

    For the first time in Pakistan, Pankration, ancient Olympic game, a Greek Martial Arts is taught in Academy’s branches, 9 members of the academy receiving there training of Pankration and […]

  • Ninjutsu for Children

    Every day we ask our children to face negative influences that just a few years ago didn’t exist. The pressure of drugs, bullying, alcohol, Terrorism truancy and belonging to a […]

  • Ninjutsu For Adults

    We teach the traditional art of Ninjutsu, it is not a sport, there are no winners or losers. Just achievers, making it the perfect art for both men and women, […]

  • The Capital Judo Club – Judo Training

    Grabling throws and Locks are the integral parts of Ninja Training. The Capital Judo Club very soon starts the separate classes of Judo. Those interested to join Judo classes, are […]