Many people might already know that we are organizing a Adventure Camping from 24nd to 29th June 2010 through previous announcement (shame on you if you didn’t till now! 🙁 ) But we’ve got many questions about the camping and related stuff. So here is a FAQ’s type page regarding queries related to camping being held by FS Ninja Academy, Pakistan and Potohar Adventure Club.

1. Who is organizing the camp?

FS Ninja academy and Potohar Adventure Club

2. Is this their first camping?

Oh comeon! NO! they have been organizing camps since 1990’s and this is the 13th annual camping.

3. What’s the location of the camp?

The camp will be held in the beautiful hills near Dhonga gali (near Nathia Gali)

4. Who is allowed to join the camp?

Anyone (post birth and pre death) can participate in the camp. No! you don’t need to be a martial artist or an athelete to join this camp! Although it’s training camp but it’s purpose is to have adventure and fun along with some critical training

5. What will I be trained in?

You will be trained in numerous categories, including but not limited to:

  • hiking
  • rock climbing
  • horse riding
  • self defense
  • medical first aid and basic life support
  • desclipline training

6. oh well! who will train all this?

Professional related to each field will be visiting to train the students of the camp. This will not include some small sessions, rather each individual will be taught upto a certain degree with focus and concentration. You will be getting detailed lecture and information on the subjects too. So its really a life time knowledge treasure hunt!

7. What about security?

We have been conducting jungle camps since last 20 years and we have very efficient securty system. It don’t only rely on our own shifts and guard system, but also guards with legally authorized guns will be protecting the camping site. Other than that local police and forest officials have also been involved to provide best experience to the participants.

8. and if i get injured?

well obviously we can’t be sure when anyone can get hurt, but don’t worry! we have medical staff with us through out the camp

8. Can my dad come?

Yap! ofcourse! your grand dad can join us too!

9. Whats the fee?

ssSSsSSHHH . . . . . !!!! you need to call us to find this one out (hint: it’s around 5000 rs :p)

10. and this 5000 rupee will include?

all your expenses including:

  • pick (on first day of camp) and drop (on last day) to the Islamabad center branch of FS Ninja Academy and the camp site.
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner for all 5 days
  • all refreshments (yes, we will provide you coke and snacks too! :D)
  • your accomodation at the camp and all necessary expenses
  • oh and did you forget? ofcourse your training and entertainment / adventure trips fee! dude!

11. are my kids safe in the camp?

On a really serious note, as mentioned earlier, this is our 13th camp in last 20 years. We have learnt and organized our staff and camping to a really mature level. All the participants are under direct observation of their group leader (the training staff). No one can leave the area without permission. All suspecious activities are strictly monitored and discipline is strictly maintained. Students are only allowed to go inside the camps at night at exact time of sleep. Staff members are on constant monitoring even at night. Students are not allowed to stay in the camps after it’s wakeup time and all members are called for fallen. Other than that there are many detailed security and safety measures that you can discuss with us live or on phone.

12. I have more questions!

hmmm….. ya you have a right to gain knowledge! If you still ahve questions, ask please! 🙂 (via contact form in top menu or by calling us)

Muhammad Nabeel Khan
0336 5256593