In his primary school they had 1 hour class every thursday for martial arts which he continued for two months then left for some reasons. 3 years later he joined some club for training in martial arts and then again skips and joins so on.

practicing martial arts15 years later, someone asks him, how long you have been practicing martial arts?

His answer was: 15 years!

Was it really? Is the time when you begin practicing something is the time to start measuring? To be honest, for me answer is neither YES nor NO. Here’s why:

If Mr. A trains for 10 years, 1 hours a day, 3 times a week. It simply means he trained almost 4 years, 1 hour a day, 7 days a week. Or if we consider 3 hour to be minimum time for training per day, then he just did almost 1.5 years of training, everyday , for 3 hours.

Now lets come to the other point, does it mean a person Mr. B practicing same skills and art under same teacher for 1.5 years everyday for 3 hours a day will be equal to the Mr. A ? I don’t think so!

There are always few things which come with time. They are just “matured” not practiced. But still, the topic is┬ádebatable, and as i said earlier, i truly don’t have any Yes or No answer to it! What’s your view?