10. Trying to win, not survive

It’s all about survival, not winning, plan and try to survive the situation and get out of it as soon as possible. There is no point in unnecessarily damaging yourself or the opponent.

9. Waiting for his move

Although it’s good to be fast at countering someones attack, waiting for his attack is not a good idea, simply make your move to end the situation!

8. Assuming it’s a championship with rules

Street fights are not fought with any rules… so make sure you don’t come complaining “face punch ki nhi rakhi thi!!!”

7. Considering yourself unbeatable

A very common misconception, guys! if a person knows how to fire a bullet, it doesn’t mean a bullet can’t hit and damage him! so if you know how to hit or fight doesn’t mean that if the other person hits you it won’t hurt!

6. Under estimating your opponent

Never underestimate your opponent. Having courage doesn’t mean to start under estimating him. Even if he’s not skilled, he might just be lucky that day!

5. Keep / use a weapon that you don’t master at

What’s the point in keeping a nunchucku with you in a fight when you can’t even hold it properly? even worse probably other person can use it more efficiently than you! Only keep weapons that you are skilled in attacking as well as defending too (in case he gets hold of it) So don’t just select and take those fancy ninja weapons without training in them

4. Taking him to the hospital after the combat

What’s the point in damaging him if you are so kind hearted for him to take him to the hospital? Rule: never hit someone when you don’t mean/need it. If the person is not a harm to you, skip the situation and don’t hit him. When you do, hit him hard.

3. Fighting blindly for friends

Although it’s good to help your peers, but without knowing the situation and who’s right and who’s wrong is clearly going to take you to the bad side. Also, try to settle the issue between the two without getting physical.

2. Focusing on the attacking arm / leg

Not just in street fight, but also in a ring or competition fight, most fighters look at the in coming leg or arm, DON’T do it! visual reflexes work best for the peripheral vision than the foveal one!

1. Not attending training classes

The biggest mistake is not being prepared for a street fight. You might be a cool person, but other around you aren’t. Get ready for the unexpected situations, enroll now for training here.