Michael Jordan wasn’t a basketball star when he was born. In fact he wasn’t one in high school when he was expelled out of college basket ball team.

Michael Philips wasn’t born a swimmer even, let alone being champion in Olympics

Was Bruce Lee born with a letter in his hand saying that he will be a legend?

Did Jackie Chan know he will be respected and honored so much when he worked as a stunt man for bruce lee’s films

No one told Masaki Hatsumi when he was a kid that he would be considered an authority in Ninjutsu

Muhammad Ali Clay wasn’t aware that of what he was capable of when he was young. At least not when the thugs robbed his bike when he was 12.

Sammy Wanjiru fell hundreds of times when he was a kid, while learning how to walk, long before he won marathon in Olympics.

When Michael Schumacher started driving, he wasn’t told that he will win 5 consecutive championships with ferrari.

For a while, sit alone to ponder, what if you could  . . . ?

What if you could win a gymnastics championship

what if you could swim better than michael philips

what if you could punch like Muhammad Ali

what if you had the ability to … what if you really could be a Legend

Afraid of that back flip? what if you could? what if you could do 20 in a row with some practice too?

Scared of getting punched in the face, what if you could beat everyone at the finest championships ?

Just for a while, sit, sit alone, and don’t just imagine, but BELIEVE, what if You Could  . . . ?

Just for a second, sit, sit really alone and don’t just ask yourself, but Tell, what if I Can  . . . ?