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  • Female Ninja Training – Summer Session

    Now you can register for summer martial arts training session online. Submit the registration form with the info and we will get back to you asap! Currently the Class is […]

  • Martial arts is useless in real fights ?

    Ever since I have been into martial arts (of any form) I have been listening people say that Martial arts is useless in real fight situations or on the streets. […]

  • How to increase power in your Kick / Punch

    The general term referred to power while striking with a kick or punch in martial arts is “power” which actually refers to “impulse” in physics terms. Impulse can be defined […]

  • 5 Things a Ninja should never do

    You might have heard ninja can do this, ninja can do that, bla bla bla bla bla! let’s see what a ninja is not supposed to do! Well originally I […]

  • Top 10 mistakes in a street fight

    10. Trying to win, not survive It’s all about survival, not winning, plan and try to survive the situation and get out of it as soon as possible. There is […]