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Martial Arts

  • practicing martial arts

    How long you have been Practicing Martial Arts

    In his primary school they had 1 hour class every thursday for martial arts which he continued for two months then left for some reasons. 3 years later he joined […]

  • 5 Things a Ninja should never do

    You might have heard ninja can do this, ninja can do that, bla bla bla bla bla! let’s see what a ninja is not supposed to do! Well originally I […]

  • Origin of the word Ninja

    The word ninja comes from the two Kanji characters. These two words, when read in japanese pronunciation, read as Shinobi-no-mono while when read as chinese pronunciation they read nin-sha. The […]

  • Martial arts in Islamabad / Rawalpind, Pakistan

    FS Ninja Academy is offering martial arts training in Islamabad / Rawalpindi for last 20 years. Art being taught is Ninjutsu, and the¬†practitioner¬†of the art is termed a Ninja. With […]

  • Martial Arts – Literal meaning

    Martial arts, a commonly heard term, is usually believed to mean any sort of “fighting” style or even some games which include combat and weapons, which however it is not! […]